New York Magic's Road to the New York Metropolitan Women's Soccer League and State Cup Titles

“The Road to the Championship”!  

We started out in the fall of 2017 with a core group of committed enthusiastic players.  The coach and the players worked hard to create a “team” (we lost some folks along the way) but added some strength at key positions as well! 

There - through it all:  committed to the Magic!  Eileen Flood McMahon, Carolina Morales, Kristina Hristic, Maggie Caldwell, Katherine “Bolton” Oldfield and Shani Abrahams (from the 1st game to the last game)!  

Joining the “Magic” mid-season reliable and consistent once they ‘captured their Magic’! RayAnn Montano, Miki Abe, (the LI connection) Paige Palazzolo, Dani Perri, Monica Lupo, Samira Selemovic, Robin McCoullough.

Those players who strengthened the team and whose presence in particular games was crucial:  Kayla Leahey, Danielle Valencia, Danielle Rodriguez, Carmen Tamay, Carolina Sguerra!